Minor Service

This service is more than just a check over your bike. We will make sure your bike is safe to use and running well. Your driveline will get a nice cleaning, gears tuned, breaks checked and adjusted and bolts all torqued to spec!

Minor Service includes:

  • Degrease driveline
  • Torque all bolts
  • Check and adjust brakes
  • Check and adjust gearing
  • Check wheels and tires
  • Lube and set pressures
  • Test ride

General Service

This service is the full kit and kaboodle. Your bike will come back looking sparkly clean and brand new. Your bike will essentially get stripped to its frame, cleaned out, re-lubed and put back together. We will check over your bottom bracket, your headset, seat post and everything in between. You should be looking to get a major service roughly once per year depending on how much you use your bike.

General Service includes:

  • Essential Service plus...
  • Bike wash and polish
  • Ultrasonic clean driveline
  • Remove BB and service
  • Remove headset clean and polish
  • Clean Chainrings
  • Update electronic shifting
  • Replace cables if needed
  • Replace parts if needed
  • True wheels if needed

Major Service

This service will make all your dreams come true! We will go above and beyond to make your bike feel and look better than it did when it left the factory. This service adds a few key details which the General Service doesn't quite squeeze in. If you are looking for the full works, then this is the service for you. You should be looking to get a Major Service done roughly every eighteen months depending on how much you are riding.

Major Service includes:

  • Annual Service plus...
  • Freewheel body service
  • Hub service
  • Replace inner/putter shifting cables
  • Replace BB
  • Bleed Brake

Add On Services

Whatever you need done on your bike, we can accommodate it! Here are a few of the bits and bobs we can do that you might need done. For anything else get in touch so we can have a chat!

Add On Services includes:

  • Brake bleed $45
  • Tubeless sealant top up $45
  • MTB pivot service $55
  • Freewheel body serivce $40
  • Hub service $25/wheel
  • Complete Bike Build
  • Boxing a bike
  • Building a boxed bike

New Bike Consultation

Join us for a white glove approach to new bike day! No matter whether you're spending $1,000 or $10,000 we want to give you the best experience. Book a time where we can set up without distractions, enjoy a coffee, and have a relaxing consultation to decide on what the best option is for you. We can choose custom upgrades and search many dealers and options to ensure we are getting you the best options!

New Bike Consultation includes:

  • 1 hour dedicated consultation
  • Pre bike fitting
  • Setting up demo
  • Discuss styles / models
  • Discussing stock availability