About Us

Welcome to Velo Therapy – your haven for all things cycling! Nestled in the heart of Seaford, Victoria, we're not just a bike store; we're a passion-driven family, owned and operated by avid cyclists. With us, your journey isn't just about the destination – it's about the joy of the ride.

Established in 2020, Velo Therapy was born from a collective love for cycling and a shared belief in its transformative power. Our mission goes beyond mere transactions; we're here to cultivate the therapeutic magic of cycling for everyone – irrespective of age, gender, or skill level.

At Velo Therapy, we proudly wear the title of "Cycling Enthusiasts turned Business Owners." Why? Because we understand the exhilaration of pedaling through winding trails, the camaraderie of group rides, and the liberating feeling of the wind in your hair. Our expertise stems from personal experience, ensuring that when you step into our store, you're greeted by fellow riders who speak your language.

Whether you're a seasoned cyclist seeking the pinnacle of performance, yearning for a custom-built masterpiece, or a budget-conscious commuter in search of reliability, Velo Therapy is your partner in pedal-powered pursuits. Our range spans the spectrum, from awe-inspiring custom creations to practical commuter companions.

But here's our secret – bikes are more than just vehicles. They're gateways to mental and physical wellness. Picture this: gliding through serene landscapes, your worries fading with each revolution, your mind finding solace in the rhythm. Cycling isn't just a sport; it's therapy on wheels.

So, whether you're seeking an escape from the daily grind, a way to stay fit while enjoying the outdoors, or a platform to forge new connections, Velo Therapy is your sanctuary. Let us help you rediscover the world through the handlebars, embrace the freedom of the open road, and experience the therapy that only cycling can offer.

Join us at Velo Therapy, where wheels set dreams in motion and every ride is an opportunity to heal, grow, and thrive. Pedal on with purpose. Pedal with therapy.