Race Team

The Velo Therapy race crew truly embodies the spirit of a passionate and supportive community of cyclists and triathletes. The sense of camaraderie and shared goals is evident in the group's makeup and activities. The combination of ambition, friendship, and commitment to pushing each other to excel creates an environment conducive to growth and achievement.

The presence of A grade cyclists aiming for the NRS pathway showcases the crew's dedication to high-level road racing. The NRS pathway is a stepping stone towards professional cycling, and the crew's focus on key races throughout the year demonstrates their commitment to competitive success.

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Having elite triathletes as part of the crew adds another dimension to the group's pursuits. Triathlon demands exceptional versatility and endurance, and the elite triathletes' participation is a testament to the crew's commitment to excelling in both cycling and triathlon disciplines.

Steele Van Hoff's leadership, stemming from his victory in the 2018 Commonwealth Games road race, brings a wealth of experience and inspiration to the crew. His achievements set a standard of excellence that crew members can strive towards and learn from.

The crew's regular group rides and key sessions, like the 6am Thursday morning ride, are indicative of their dedication to structured training and improvement. These shared sessions not only offer physical training but also create opportunities for members to bond, share experiences, and motivate each other.

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The invitation to join the Strava group for various weekly sessions, including cycling, running, swimming, and adventure gravel rides, underscores the crew's commitment to promoting a well-rounded athletic experience. This approach ensures that members can engage in a variety of activities that complement their training and contribute to their overall fitness.

By inviting interested individuals to get in touch or visit the store for a chat, the crew is actively reaching out to potential new members who share their enthusiasm for cycling and triathlon. This openness and inclusivity further enhance the crew's reputation as a welcoming and supportive community.

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Overall, the Velo Therapy race crew's blend of ambition, camaraderie, leadership, and variety in training activities makes it an enticing and engaging group for cyclists and triathletes seeking to challenge themselves, build connections, and achieve their athletic goals.

Checkout the below video from one of our Ambassadors and Velo Race Crew Members!