Our greatest source of delight lies in collaborating with you to craft something truly unique. Our primary objective is to design a bicycle that aligns seamlessly with your individual preferences, motivates you to embark on rides with zeal, and showcases your personal style. This is where we truly excel. Customization can span a wide spectrum; you have the option to personalize your entire bicycle according to your preferences, or alternatively, you can fine-tune specific details to imbue it with your personal touch. As we walk you through the various components that constitute your bicycle's construction, you can select any or all of these steps to tailor it to your liking.


Our collaboration extends to top-tier frame manufacturers hailing from Australia and various corners of the world. This includes those renowned for their triumphs in elite-level racing as well as smaller, artisanal builders, all with the shared goal of rendering your cycling experience exceptional. Given that the frame serves as the bedrock of your bicycle and significantly influences your riding experience, it represents an ideal starting point for customization. Here, you have the freedom to select your preferred attributes, be it comfort, aerodynamics, lightweight characteristics, or a harmonious blend of all three. Furthermore, you can opt for a handcrafted frame or explore alternative materials to cater to your unique preferences.


Regardless of whether you're tall, petite, or fall somewhere in between, engaging with our bike fitter and collaborating closely with the frame builder represents a fantastic opportunity to guarantee that your bespoke bicycle is genuinely one-of-a-kind, tailored specifically to your requirements. This process can fine-tune specific attributes to align with your preferred riding style, whether that involves enhancing stability during descents or optimizing stiffness in the bottom bracket area. Additionally, it can significantly enhance your riding comfort. Moreover, this experience offers valuable insights into the art of frame construction, fostering a deeper appreciation for the end result.


The components that round out your bicycle offer boundless opportunities for customization, further enhancing your unique build. Initially, it involves adapting the components to match your individual physique, riding preferences, or favoured terrain. However, within this realm, there exists a realm of enjoyable customization possibilities. These may include coordinating colors, incorporating 3D-printed mounts, or crafting bespoke wheels, just to name a few.


The ultimate in customisation and an obvious touch to add your own personal touch to your bike. Paint inspiration can come from many places; nature, a car, a sports team and can also include additional touches like names or drawings. If you’re lost with the infinite options, don’t worry, we can help you design something special.


We firmly believe that the more we understand, the better we can serve you. Whether it's dropping by our store for a coffee, picking up the phone to have a conversation, sending us an email, or using whichever communication method suits you best, we encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas. Our approach begins with a conversation because we recognize that every individual is unique. Leveraging our extensive experience, the more insights we gain about your preferences and aspirations, the more effectively we can collaborate with you throughout the process of crafting your custom-built bicycle.