Unless you're obsessed with your trainer you've probably taken your bike outdoors at some stage. Cycling is such an incredible way to spend time in nature and see the amazing world we live in. The chirp of the birds, the rustle of the leaves in the tree, only accompanied by the sound of your breathing.
That is why we are working to do what we can to ensure Velo Therapy is making this world a better place!

The cycling industry has a horrible habit of wrapping every product in an insane amount of plastic, using harmful chemicals and using products that are not recyclable.

We are working with our suppliers to only stock products in our store that have the same view of protecting the climate that we do. You will not find any unrecyclable plastic wrapping around our store, and we aim to only stock and use products that do not contain harmful chemicals for our environment.

Velo Therapy's responsibility is to not support products that have a large carbon footprint, but also choose the better options of products that are packaged in recyclable products, recyclable, refillable, local, or just better quality to last longer and need less replacement.  While achieving this is challenging, and rarely the cheapest option, we have decided that with all the products out there, there are great environmentally friendlier options.

We are slowly changing product lines to match our objective of being the most sustainable bike store in Australia.  Outside of our supplier choices, we need make sure we are doing the right thing instore.  Some of our steps are include:

  • Separating all recyclables when possible
  • Collecting soft plastic
  • Recycling used tubes and tires
  • Using environmentally friendly products
  • Using low power lighting
  • Top quality professional tools to ensure long lasting

Our supplier’s links to their environmental policy

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